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Special Lectures on Poland, Polish Culture and More.

We began a series of lectures regarding the Holocaust in January - the 27th being
International Holocaust Remembrance Day - featuring Dr. Shay Pilnik of Yeshiva University and
Dr. Neal Pease of the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. This lecture regarding Poland's current 
"Holocaust Law" is Professor Pease's third is a series featuring unique segments of Polish history.
We anticipate several more lectures by the Professor in the upcoming months on a variety of
interesting historical topics. The "Holocaust Law" is controversial. The Committee believes this
lecture brings an unbiased view to the subject of the Law.


King Wladyslaw Lokietek 

This history lesson could be called The Adventures of Wladek. The story of this important king
would make a terrific movie. His nickname was Elbow-high. Presumably, because he was
vertically challenged. He accomplished a lot. His son was bequeathed a Poland united and
ready for a king to accomplish great things. His son was Kazimierz III.
Best remembered as Casimir the Great. 


The Righteous Among the Nations from Poland

The Righteous Among the Nations are those individuals who selflessly provided help to Jews during
World War II as they 
faced extermination at the hands of the Nazi German authorities.
“Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire” – 
this quote from the Talmud is inscribed on the
medals which are awarded to the Righteous.
These two links provide a wealth of information on the Polish Righteous including a complete list
of the Righteous Poles. Probably, the two most well known are Jan Karski and Irena Sendler.

Over 7400 Poles are among the Righteous. That is 25% of the total who have been honored.
We welcome your comments.

POLIN Museum of the History of Polish Jews

We invite you to take one or more virtual tours of the renowned POLIN Museum of the History of
Polish Jews, in Warsaw, accessible through the link from the website of the museum, located at
the bottom of the page. 

Neal Pease
Professor of History

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee


Two unique cities and how they contributed to the history of Poland in the 20th century
The Cultural Committee of the Polish Heritage Alliance is proud and privileged to present a series
of lectures by Dr. Neal Pease, Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee.
This first lecture is an overview of the 1000+ years of recorded history of Poland. Professor Neal Pease
continues his lecture series with a look at two unique cities and how they contributed to the history of
Poland in the 20th century. The Cultural Committee welcomes your comments.


"Lost Borders"
A Fascinating Look at Poland. This is borrowed from the Kosciuszko Foundation of New York City.
"Lost Borders" - an extraordinary online photo journey along the frontiers of pre-war Poland -
from the territories of today's Poland (Kashubia, Greater Poland, Silesia), through the Czech Republic and
Ukraine, to Belarus, Latvia, and Lithuania. The journey is not about stone pillars, but ordinary people who,
despite the atrocities of the 20th century, were trying to survive on the erased border. 

The photos and story are by our friends: Tomasz and Kaja Grzywaczewski " 


Carols, Paintings, and Quiz.
The Cultural Committee wishes you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas
Enjoy the carols, the paintings, and take a quiz.