A Dream Realized
Since the first Polish Festival in 1982, it has been the goal of Milwaukee's Polonia to create a facility to serve as a cultural repository where Polish and non-Polish people alike can experience Polish culture and traditions year-round. After years of planning, The Polish Center of Wisconsin became a reality.

The Polish Center of Wisconsin is located on a beautiful 10-acre property including a small lake in Franklin.  The land was purchased in 1987 by Polish Festivals, Inc. Fundraising began in 1998 with a tentative $2.65 million goal to build the Polish Center and provide financial support for the initial years of operation. Hundreds of significant donations were received.

Our Family Heritage
Families have always been a foundation of the Polish community.  For over 100 years, Polish American families have made significant contributions in business, government and civic affairs in Milwaukee. A deep and abiding commitment to education and religious faith have been hallmarks of Milwaukee's Polonia.

Family Foundation
With your gift of $1,000, you will become a member of the Family Foundation.  In appreciation of your Family Foundation gift to The Polish Center of Wisconsin, the Polish Heritage Alliance Inc. Board of Directors will permanently and tastefully recognize each family name enrolled in the Family Foundation.

This is a wonderful opportunity to honor the family name of your own grandparents, parents, or the family into which you were born or married. Together, all of the names will create a lasting tribute to the Polish families in our community.

Those choosing to become members of the Family Foundation will demonstrate to the larger community, future generations and all who walk through the doors of The Polish Center of Wisconsin the enduring strength of the Polish community. 

The Family Foundation Gallery of Fame
Hundreds of photos are already in the Family Foundation Gallery of Fame on the upper level of the Polish Center. There is still room for those who wish to honor their family; perhaps grandparents, parents, maybe even themselves.

One trip along memory lane in the Gallery of Fame will be sufficient to make you want to be part of it. Visit The Polish Center to see history in the making for yourself.

All you have to do is make a $1,000 donation and provide a photograph with identification of those pictured. The photograph will be returned to you exactly in the condition as you provided. A photographic copy will be framed and hung in the gallery.

Call 414-529-2140 to become a member of the Family Foundation today!