Enjoy some of the works from past exhibitions at the Polish Center.


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Oil paintings, watercolors, and graphics by Teresa Gierwielaniec Rozanacki.

Teresa was born in Krakow, Poland and studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and participates in exhibitions with the Polish Art Club in Chicago, ArtPo, and the Oak Park Art League Gallery.

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Spring 2015 Art Exhibit:
Mixing it Up: Milwaukee and Chicago area artists working in various media. 

Featured artists:
Teresa Gierwielaniec Rozanacki; Danuta Zarek; Melanie Vogel; Lois Pinkowski; Bob Frankowiak
Garry and Helen Pisarek; Marta Nogalska-Bundies; Stanislaw Kielar; Priscilla Weissenfluh; Irena Czajkowska; Anna Winska-Bajena; Leszek Jajena; Bernardine Huber; Kasia Szczesniewski

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